Our Artists


Ashley Nichols 

Artist, animator, perpetually tired. Likes ramen. Like. A lot.


Caytlin "Pixel Prism" Vilbrandt 

Comic artist, illustrator, card game artist, giant nerd! Likes all things sparkly. Creator and artist of Dreamy Star Comics' "Tamberlane". Also the designer of our absolutely adorable mascot "Bedhead"!




Full time artist, part time magical girl.



Monster-ambassador by day, freelance artist by night! Likes just about everything, and will tell you all about it.


Brandon "ImDrunkOnTea" Dunn


Sentient tea bag. Part-time artist. Arch nemesis of the kool aid man.



Abigail Starling aka "LeekFish"


Comic artist, illustrator, and magical girl. Collector of waifus and donut enthusiast. Creator and artist of Dreamy Star Comics' "Envelove".



Jayelle Anderson 



"She is beauty, she is grace. She wears a gaming brace." and under that something like "Makes a webcomic about magic at www.anaria.net"


Grey White

After witnessing the deaths of their parents, Grey White swore revenge against criminals, an oath tempered by a sense of justice. Donning a bat-themed costume they make comics about mid century lesbians and gunslinging coyotes