Tamberlane #1 (Non-Deluxe)

Caytlin Vilbrandt


This is the 42-page non-deluxe, staple-bound version.

"Belfry is forgetful, accident-prone, and not ready for responsibility, but a snap decision to take in a young, abandoned creature will change her life forever.

In Treehollow, Belfry is well known as the bat with a heart of gold and penchant for accidents. All the residents love her and fear her in equal measures. So of course when she literally stumbles across a strange creature who seems to be some kind of abandoned kit, she wants to care for it… but is she truly up to the task? Or will it die a horrifying, accident-related death?"

Interested in the world of Tamberlane? You can read it for free over at https://www.tamberlanecomic.com/

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